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מחקרי עבר

Continuity of processing: children's sensitivity to continuity of processing

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Processing of multi-word sequences

Using corpus studies and behavioral data we examine the processing of multi-word sequences by adult speakers. We show that speakers are sensitive to multi-word frequencies in comprehension (Arnon & Snider, 2010) and production (Arnon & Cohen-Priva, 2013, 2014; Hernandez et al. 2016). Our findings demonstrate parallels between words and phrases, and undermine the distinction between lexicon and grammar (Snider & Arnon, 2012). 

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Continuity of processing: children's sensitivity to input properties

We use naturalistic speech and experiments with children and adults to ask whether children are affected by the same factors that influence adult processing, and how language development is affected by input properties. Our work shows that children, like adults, are sensitive to the distributional properties of their input and that their learning trajectory is influenced by such information (Arnon, 20102011Arnon & Clark, 2011de Marneffe et al., 2011).

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How expectations affect processing: The effect of syntactic probabilities on phonetic duration (Tily et al., 2009).

What makes sentences ungrammatical: the case of Superiority violations (Hoffmeister et al., 2006, 2011).

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